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Having Trouble getting a license?

Tecknaro allows you to download a demo license directly through the application. However, the download process may be blocked by corporate firewalls.

If you are having trouble downloading a demo license through the application, please use the form to the right to request a demo license. The license will be automatically emailed to the email address you provide.

If you don't receive your license within 24 hours, please check your spam folder, and then email help@tecknaro.com.

If you have already requested a license, or if you have purchased a license, you can also use to form to the right to have it emailed to you again.

If you are not receiving any emails from Tecknaro, click here.

*About Selecting Tecknaro Signatures


Everything you do in Tecknaro is recorded within it and is automatically recognized as having been done by the licensee. This is not a big deal if the licensee is working alone. However, Tecknaro is a collaborative environment that also allows people to share their work with others. When working collaboratively, all activity is saved with the signature of the licensee who did the work. In this way, for example, the licensee can add a note and it will be recorded as being the licensee's note or the licensee can suggest an alternative value and it will be recorded as the licensee's input automatically. Basically, everyone is presented throughout the system by their Tecknaro signature. We suggest when choosing a signature, that you keep it plain and to the point and easily recognizable as the licensee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The licensee's Tecknaro signature is completely independent from the licensee's identity on the Tecknaro forums where licensees are free to choose their public handles.

Need help?

If you are having problems you can't solve go ahead and email sales@tecknaro.com.