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Whether you are trying or buying Tecknaro, PLEASE READ the four little paragraphs below about the way our licensing works. Your happiness with Tecknaro may depend on it.

  1. Tecknaro is USD $150 per license. We license the user, NOT the machine. Your license will ALWAYS be under the name and email address you give us. Everything you create in Tecknaro will be signed with your license. You are allowed to install your license on multiple computers as long as you are the only person who will be using that license on each of those computers. Please read the Commercial License Agreement to get all the legal details.
  2. When you request a Tecknaro demo license, either through the application, or through the link/button on the right, tan-P only keeps your name and email address. If you purchase a Tecknaro license, we store only that purchase information required by law for tax reporting purposes.
  3. We DO NOT keep your credit card number. In fact, we don't even see it. All financial transactions are performed through PayPal.
  4. We WILL NOT use your email address to hound you with stuff, except to tell you about upgrades, nor will we share it with others who would hound you.
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