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If like us you make your living around some aspect of software development, you already know how challenging the process can be.

We built Tecknaro based on the proposition that the hardest part of software development is effectively communicating with one another. We work along side you in the reality where the time needed for writing detailed specifications and rich descriptions is time we often simply don't have.

We are committed to building tools that allow everyone involved to quickly construct and show on screen ideas that otherwise take many pages to describe, tools that allow ideas to be shown from different perspectives so people with different skills, including non–technical people, can see those ideas from their point of view.

We are completely process agnostic, so you can use any of the development life cycle methodologies that you or your organization prefers.

We are committed to a really simple three-step methodology that will fit into any software life cycle management process:

  1. Show up on time;
  2. Tell the truth;
  3. Record it (preferably in Tecknaro).

We are working against the last barrier to consistent software project success; the communication barrier.